Noises Off

Noises Off is a theatrical farce by English playwright Michael Frayn. First published in 1982, the play is a behind-the-scenes look at a chaotic stage production populated with frenetic and unstable actors, a volatile director, and an overworked and overly emotional stage crew. Interspersed throughout the typical narrative structure of the piece are scenes from the play-within-a-play the group is performing: a tacky sex comedy called Nothing On.

For anyone who has ever worked in the theatre, professional or amateur, or for anyone who has ever wondered at what goes on behind the scenes, Noises Off is both celebration and satire, a loving sendup of the idiosyncrasies that make the theatre such a uniquely human and powerful experience.

Performance Dates & Times

Due to an illness with the director, this performance has unfortunately been cancelled.


For casting information, please contact Randy Lake at, or keep an eye on the Great Escape Stage Company Facebook page.