Great Escape Stage Company

The Miracle Worker

Written by William Gibson
July 20-23, July 27-30, 2017

The true story of Helen Keller relates the gripping battle between the blind and deaf child and her teacher, Annie Sullivan.

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“I’m always surprised by how many people today don’t know – or have forgotten about – the amazing story of Helen Keller,” said Great Escape’s artistic director, Randy Lake. “She was struck blind and deaf by illness at a very early age, and was isolated by her disabilities, unable to comprehend the world around her.

“This highly dramatic and insightful play focuses on Annie Sullivan, a young woman who has just completed her own education at a school for the blind, who was hired as a governess for Helen. Through many struggles, Annie teaches Helen to use sign language and helps her understand the world around her.

“Gibson shaped this inspiring, uplifting story into a classic of the American stage, and we believe everyone should experience it,” Lake said. “It’s one of the great triumphs of the human mind and spirit.”

“This play will be the first in our new space,” said the show’s director, Kim Forde. “That’s why we wanted to create an extra-special event that people would remember for a long time.

“We’ve brought together a very talented cast that’s looking forward to presenting this great work of the theater to Great Escape’s audiences,” Forde said.

“Although the story focuses on two central characters, this show actually calls for a rather large cast,” Forde said. “With that as our challenge, we’ve located some wonderful talent from the region, many of whom have appeared in other local productions, along with several Great Escape veterans who are very excited about working in our new theater.”