Great Escape Stage Company

Drama Slam: Women in Jeopardy

By Wendy MacLeod
Friday, August 10 at 7:00 PM

Two divorcées are suspicious of their friend’s new boyfriend – he may be a serial killer!

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Women in Jeopardy tells the story of divorcées Mary and Jo, who are suspicious of their friend Liz’s new dentist boyfriend. He’s not just a weirdo; he may be a serial killer! Trading their wine glasses for spy glasses, imaginations run wild as the ladies try to discover the truth and save their friend in a hilarious off-road adventure.

Great Escape Stage Company’s Drama Slams are one-night-only staged readings of a play rather than a full-scale production, a format Great Escape has offered frequently since the company was launched six years ago.

“We spend one day rehearsing movement and interpretation, and then read it aloud for an audience, with scripts in hand,” artistic director Randy Lake said. “We’ve found that our audiences enjoy getting a chance to see and hear more plays this way, and our actors get a chance to perform more frequently without having all the memorization associated with a standard production.”